Pakistan Malaysia Business Forum (PMBF)

The Pakistan Malaysia Business Forum (PMBF) is a membership-based organization providing business-focused information and events for members in all industries. With continuing strong economic growth of Pakistan & Malaysia, there are many significant opportunities for Pakistan and Malaysia business to create lasting and highly valuable commercial partnerships. The Pakistan-Malaysia works to achieve economic, social and environmental goals that will benefit Pakistanis & Malaysians now and into the future.

Pakistan-Malaysia Business Forum aim is to encourage, further and promote business, mutual understanding, and friendly relationships between the industrial and business communities of Pakistan and Malaysia. To promote Joint Ventures, initiate partnerships, provide technical expertise and organize training and seminars in close collaboration with Chamber of Commerce of two countries. Arrange visits of industrialist and entrepreneurs of the two countries in cooperation with both governments and relevant organizations and institutions.

Pakistan-Malaysia Business Forum also provides a channel of communication and networking within the business community, and between the Forums and both Governments to promote the culture, traditions, arts and craft, and knowledge of the two countries. It is conceived to be a milestone to help activate business and investment relations between the two countries. It will generate momentum that would further accelerate business activities since its main objectives are encouragement, furtherance, and promotion of business, mutual understanding, and pragmatic friendly relations between Pakistan and Malaysia.

Our aspiration is for Pakistan/Malaysia to become the best place in which to live, learn, work and do business.


Bilateral Trade
To promote and foster bilateral trade, services and investment between Pakistan and Malaysia.
Maintain Links
To maintain and improve the close trading, commercial and other links between Pakistan and Malaysia.
Liaise and Co-Operate
To liaise and cooperate with the Government of both countries or representatives of other countries resident in Pakistan/Malaysia and to make representations when necessary.
Information Relation
To collect, obtain, publish and disseminate information relating to trade and all their matters connected therewith as may be of service to Members, provided that such publication shall obtain the prior approval of the competent authority.
Pakistan – Malaysia Activities
To consider issues affecting Pakistan – Malaysia economic and commercial activities.
Members Interest
To promote, foster, support, represent and protect the interests of the members.
The membership to the PMBF shall be open to all Chairman, Chief Executive Officers and / or Managing Directors of companies and Individuals that have registered business in Pakistan or Malaysia.

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