Pakistan Malaysia Business Forum (PMBF)

Membership in the Pakistan Malaysia Business Forum (PMBF) is an advantage in many respects. Become a member and automatically become part of a network of Pakistani and Malaysian companies and thereby get a competitive advantage.

Through continuous networking and active exchange of information at exclusive PMBF events, you stay in contact with existing and potential partners.


Benefits of Membership

  • Networking with the Business Communities of Pakistan and Malaysia
  • Awareness of technology and project developments
  • Expertise in different fields of industries
  • Preference access to professional service providers in the different field of services
  • Outreach to dedicated potential customers to business offerings and ideas
  • Online knowledge facilities in different fields of technology and business
  • Knowledge of the Malaysian Market facilities and procedures
  • Recognition by the social, political and business communities in Pakistan and Malaysia
  • Access to CEO’s and politicians of Malaysia and Pakistan.

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