Pakistan Malaysia Business Forum (PMBF)

Welcome to the Pakistan Malaysia Business Forum. We are an organization dedicated to promoting business opportunities between Pakistan and Malaysia. Our forum hosts conferences, organizes seminars, participates in trade fairs, and works closely with the Consulate to facilitate our members.

Our goal is to create a platform for members to explore and take advantage of the vast opportunities in the two countries. Through our conferences, seminars and trade fairs, we provide our members with the necessary information and resources to get the most out of their investments. We also strive to create an environment where our members can share their experiences and learn from each other.

We invite you to join us and explore the potential of the business opportunities between Pakistan and Malaysia. With the support of our members, the Pakistan Malaysia Business Forum can continue to grow and develop into a vibrant platform for business exchange and collaboration.


  1. Supporting our Members
  2. Events & Trade fairs
  3. Publication
  4. Delegations

Supporting our Members

The Pakistan Malaysia Business Forum (PMBF) is an important platform for promoting trade and investment between Pakistan and Malaysia. We as members of PMBF should do all we can to support the forum in its efforts to facilitate closer economic ties between the two countries. This includes attending business seminars and networking events organized by the PMBF and providing feedback on how to improve the services provided. We can also use our contacts and resources to help the PMBF promote Pakistan‘s trade and investment opportunities in Malaysia, and vice versa. By doing our part, we can help strengthen the economic ties between Pakistan and Malaysia, and ensure that the forum remains a key platform for businesses to build relationships and benefit from the opportunities available in each other‘s markets.

Events & Trade Fairs

The Pakistan Malaysia Business Forum is dedicated to strengthening ties between the two countries and creating a business platform for mutual benefit. To this end, the Forum regularly organizes events and trade fairs to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and business opportunities. The Forum organizes seminars, conferences and workshops to discuss current business trends, identify potential areas for cooperation and identify new opportunities for investment. The Forum also holds trade fairs and exhibitions which provide a platform for businesses from both countries to showcase their products and services. The Forum also arranges meetings and networking events to further promote and strengthen the business ties between the two countries.


The Pakistan Malaysia Business Forum (PMBF) provides a range of Publication Services to promote and facilitate trade and investment between the two countries. The PMBF publishes newsletters, brochures, and other materials to provide information about the business opportunities in both countries. It also provides a platform for business networking, seminars, and workshops to bring together business people from both countries. The Forum also offers advice on investment opportunities and trade regulations. The PMBF provides a comprehensive package of services to assist Pakistani and Malaysian entrepreneurs and investors to explore and exploit business opportunities in each other‘s countries. The Forum is committed to promote the bilateral economic and trade relationship between the two countries and to help foster the growth of the bilateral trade.


The Pakistan Malaysia Business Forum (PMBF) is an important platform for strengthening economic ties between the two countries. It provides a platform for Pakistani and Malaysian companies to explore business opportunities and expand their market presence in both countries. Trade Delegations of the forum have visited each other‘s countries and have held meetings with local business organizations to promote trade and investment. The trade delegations have aimed at promoting business collaborations and facilitating joint ventures between the two countries. In addition, they have also discussed potential areas of collaboration in areas such as energy, education and tourism. The forum has also been instrumental in providing a platform for the exchange of ideas, information and experiences between business organizations from the two countries. The PMBF has been successful in promoting greater economic ties between the two countries and is set to play an even greater role in the future.

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